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October / 2013




ATTRAN アトラン®


We have just succeeded in this innovative development of a carrier material high in tracking and flexibility, ATTRAN® for transplanting cultivated cells. Our spectacular achievement on this product was reported on the front page of a prestigious Japanese industrial paper, the Nikkei Industrial Daily , on October 10th, 2013.

The Carrier Material For Cultivated Cell Transplantation

ATTRAN アトラン®New Development


Japan Patent Number:5320501/Applicated to PCT

NIKKAN Industries Co., Ltd. (C.E.O. Yoshio Moroi) has developed this unique career material, named ATTRAN®, capable of not just conveying cultured cell sheets but, what is noteworthy, maintaining its high flexibility and tracking to cell sheets.  These distinctive properties were realized by applying special polymer to polylactic acid non-woven fabric. It is also tested harmless to a living body.

○Properties of our new carrier materials for cultured cell sheets

Our new product helps transferring cell sheets without causing any wrinkles or crease. This is quite a breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine.  It had been a big challenge for researchers and scientists to transport super thin cell sheets without any damages; those we used in our lab were from 50μm to 100μm in thickness.

○Background of our development

The material now in use is derived from cellulose, and it is hard and insufficient in tracking especially to a curved surface. It would require so much time to attach it to and exfoliate it from the cell sheet that it causes the cell sheet to dry and makes it hard to apply to the affected part of the patient.  That has always been a problem.

We proposed that our new material is able to solve such problem with our skill which has been cultivated through our experience of developing such products as our electronic, insulating and packaging materials.

○The product: ATTRAN アトラン®:

In this research and development, we have carried out, jointly with Professor Akane Tanaka, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, a safety assessment examination through basic research and animal testing.

Our new product has been created by applying special polymer on the polylactic acid non-woven fabric.  Thus it is uniquely flexible and high in tracking to a cultured cell sheet and the affected body part.  The time required for removing it from the affected part is half compared with that in case of using a common product.

※Our ratio

○Schedule for sales

We are scheduled to sell a 25mmφtype of ATTRAN® to some research institutions for study from October 2013.

○For inquiries please contact below

Mr. Jun Watanabe

Assistant General Manager

Composite Material Dep

Tel: 03-3723-9856

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