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Copper-clad Laminates for Printed Wiring Boards

Copper-clad Laminates for Printed Wiring Boards

As electronic devices are advanced and become multifunctional, printed boards are increasingly required to have higher density and more layers. NIKKAN offers products that meet these requirements with the most advanced technologies.


NIKAPLEX ニカプレックス プリント配線板用銅張積層板・多層材料

NIKAPLEX Copper clad laminates / Prepreg for Printed Wiring Boards

Products line-up, UL authorization value, BS standard authorization,
Electricity supply parts・Material authentication.


Glass epoxy (FR-4.0)


High tracking resistance glass epoxy (FR-4.0)


High reliability and halogen-free glass epoxy (FR-4.1)
(High tracking / high heat resistance / low CTE)


Glass composite (CEM-3.0)


High tracking resistance glass composite (CEM-3.0)

NIKAPLEX ニカプレックス アンクラッド積層板

NIKAPLEX Unclad laminates

Products line-up ・・・For FPC stiffener boards, For Printed resistor circuit, and more.


Glass epoxy (FR-4.0)


Halogen-free glass epoxy (FR-4.1type)


High heat resistance and halogen-free glass epoxy (FR-4.1)


Glass composite (CEM-3.0)


Halogen-free glass composite (CEM-3.1Type)


Halogen-free glass non-woven fabric type

NIKAPLEX ニカプレックス ご使用上の注意とお願い

NIKAPLEX Precautions

Standard package unit, Precautions for handling and safety, Precautions for handling and quality,
Precautions for storage, Precautions for factory waste, Identification and a favor

Introduction to NIKKAN Departments (PCM (Printed Circuit Materials) Compsite Materials Sales Department)

Just as the information-oriented society has made continuous and remarkable progress, so too has the electronics industry been significantly advancing. NIKKAN has long provided a stable, high-quality NIKAPLEX (CCL / for multi-layer materials / Unclad laminates) to the printed wiring board market, which has been one of the driving forces of such progress.The CEM-3 material , which is also the mainstream of the double-sided plate in today , it is Nikkan was developed for the first time in the world.

The copper-clad laminate , in addition to the conventional FR-4 and CEM- 3, we have a new lineup optimum reliable material Large Current board . This will be increasingly important in the future of the renewable energy sector .In addition , Anne clad laminates are available a wide variety of part number , we have gotten a high reputation in the market .


PCM (Printed Circuit Materials) Compsite Materials Sales Department
Tel:03-3723-9854 / e-mail: pcm@nikkan-ind.co.jp

Osaka Seles Office

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