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Company Overview

Company Overview

Address 1-35-22, Ohokayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8907

Tel: (03)3723-9851 / Fax: (03)3723-9861


Nature of Business
  1. Manufacturing and sales of electronic materials and electrical insulating materials- Copper-clad laminates for printed wiring boards- Copper-clad laminates for flexible printed wiring boards
  2. Manufacture and sale of specialized materials- Tubes, insulating cloths, heat-resistant electric wires- Semiconducting materials- Non-slip materials- Various bonded articles- Packaging paper for food products
Date of Establishment April 15, 1938
Officers President, Masanori Kojima

Senior Managing Director, Tetsuo Baba

Director and Senior Advisor, Yoshio Moroi

Director, Haruko Shouda

Auditor, Souhachiro Magari

Auditor, Yuji Moroi

Paid-up Capital ¥100 Million
Annual Sales ¥15.4 Billion (2021)
No. of Employees 65 (Total No. of Employees, Nikkan Group: 400 / The end on March, 2022)
Bankers Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Jiyugaoka Branch

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Jiyugaoka Branch

MUFG Bank, Ltd., Toritsudaigaku-Ekimae Branch

Principal Customers Leading electric appliance manufactures, Printed circuit manufactures, Dupont Japan, Major car maker, Major yeast manufactures, Confectionery manufactures
Distoributors Kyoei Denki Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo)

Sagami Shoko Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo)

Elematec Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo)

Chiyoda Denshi Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo)

Chuo Denzai Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo)

Astic Fukushima Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka)

Yasui Denki Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya)

Kyoei Denshi Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo)

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